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LibriVox • free public domain audiobooks


Listening to a short, simple podcast several times helps improve or maintain second-language skills. Stick to topics you know something about, such as current movies.

Podcasts by Language

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Language Learning, the iTunes Store



Bookworm (KCRW)

book talk, author interviews


insightful and entertaining discussions of films

Fresh Air (NPR)

interesting interviews with just about everyone

iTunes U

Thousands of free lectures, videos, etc.

Nova (PBS)

the TV science program without the TV

Planet Money (NPR)

explaining the economy in ways we can understand

Prairie Home Companion (KCRW)

music and comedy

The New York Times Book Reviews

talks with authors, editors and critics

Tech Talk

The New York Times technology podcast

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design)

“Ideas Worth Spreading” from the TED conferences (watch the videocasts)

The Treatment (KCRW)

critic Elvis Mitchell interviews film people

Studio 360 (PRI/WNYC)

the arts and everyday life


These can be played on your browser and on some players and phones. Both Google and iTunes offer free video webcasts.

Video podcasts, Wikipedia
Google Video


Mac users with Snow Leopard or higher can convert text documents into audio for your player.

Launch System Preferences, then select Keyboard, then Keyboard Shortcuts at the top, then Services in the column on the left. Scroll down to the Text folder, open it, and check Add To iTunes As A Spoken Track.

Part of the Keyboard Systems screen showing the Servces and the Add to iTunes items.

Players will not pause between paragraphs. You can either insert several returns there before you convert the text or one of these codes: [[slnc 300]] for a short pause, [[slnc 600]] for a longer one, and so on. (The second letter is ell not eye.)

To convert the text, select it, choose Services from the menu of that application (for example, TextEdit), scroll down to Services, and pick Add To iTunes As A Spoken Track. A bell will sound when the action has been completed.

Open iTunes and click Spoken Text (near the bottom of the left-hand column). The new podcast will be named Text To Speech. Change the name to the subject of the article, and move the podcast to your player. (See DOWNLOADING)


Podcasts aren't the only Webcasts you can listen to or watch. Many sites offer streaming audio or video. Audio software like RealAudio or Windows Media Player are used to listen to or watch streaming subjects. Unilke podcasts, streams begin immediately and can only be listened to or watched at that time.

Real Audio desktop control window

Download a player

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