Profs. Herbert and Eve Clark of Stanford University,

co-authors of Psychology and Language,
in a letter to the Head of the College Department of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich

Bill is another reason we are pleased with HBJ. He has been an excellent editor, one who really understood what we were trying to do and was therefore able to improve the book in countless ways. Unlike many dictatorial editors, he made insistent but polite suggestions about our manuscript, and he was almost always right. The book is very much better for his skill in doing this. More than that, his part openers are excellent—we have already received much unsolicited favorable comment around here on them. Finally, Bill was very pleasant for us to work with, all the more so because he was so skilled, thoughtful, and conscientious about the project. We owe him a great debt.

Dedication by Professor Jacques Barzun

in a copy of a book he gave me after I edited his textbook The Modern Researcher

Inscription by sculptor Louise Nevelson

in the book Nevelson’s World, which I edited for the Whitney Museum of American Art

Prof. Henry Vyverberg of Southern Illinois University,

author of The Living Tradition,
in a letter to the Head of the College Department of HBJ

I owe most of all to Bill Dyckes, who was really superb as my manuscript editor. Of course we had our occasional differences of opinion, but he was understanding of my viewpoint, as I hope I was of his. He was extraordinarily intelligent and skilled and conscientious.

Prof. James Carpenter of Colby College,

author of Visual Art, in a note that accompanied revised manuscript

Letter from Jacqueline Hall,

Associate Editorial Director,
Foreign Language Magazines,
Scholastic Inc.

I'm always impressed by how creative you are—a good editor and a clever writer. You always bring something more to the project.

Prof. W. Ross Winterowd of the University of Southern California,

author of Contemporary Rhetoric,