Clipping: review of my book 'Spanish Art Now' in the Paris Herald Tribune.
The full text of this review.

Letter from James Michener stating that he had read an article of mine on Spanish art and felt that it was very good.

Letter from
James Michener

Note from
Fernando Zóbel,
artist and Director of the
Museum of Spanish
Abstract Art

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Note from a museum director that says he intends to order copies of Contemporary Spanish Art and intends to order copies for the museum to sell.

From a letter from film director Carlos Saura
about an article I wrote for a Spanish film magazine:

Saura's note says that he read an article of mine in the Spanish film magazine Fotogramas and thought it was very good.
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From The 1997 Encyclopædia Britannica CD-Rom:

Cultural life:

Bradley Smith, Spain: A History in Art (1966, reissued 1971), covers up to 1930; it may be supplemented by William Dyckes (ed.), Contemporary Spanish Art (1975).

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