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SLIDES OF MEXICO</h1> Small plaza in the city of Guanajuato, Mexico.
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BY PAGE</h2> <div class="minus">19 slides to a page</div> </td> <td> <div class="lead6">&nbsp;</div> <a xxxx="2">201</a> &nbsp; Aztec Ruins in Teotihuac&aacute;n<br> <a xxxx="2">202</a> &nbsp; Anthropology Museum &amp; &#147;Flying Men&#148;<br> <a xxxx="2">203</a> &nbsp; [not available]<br> <a xxxx="2">204</a> &nbsp; The Z&oacute;calo &amp; Other Sights<br> <a xxxx="2">205</a> &nbsp; Guadalupe, Churches, and Processions <br> <a xxxx="2">206</a> &nbsp; Guanajuato &amp; San Miguel de Allende<br> <a xxxx="2">207</a> &nbsp; Colorful streets and buildings<br> <a xxxx="2">208</a> &nbsp; Patios &amp; Houses <br> <a xxxx="2">209</a> &nbsp; Mail, Telephones, &amp; Buildings in Mexico City <br> <a xxxx="2">210</a> &nbsp; Subways &amp; Buses <br> <a xxxx="2">211</a> &nbsp; Foods &amp; Pi&ntilde;atas <br> <a xxxx="2">212</a> &nbsp; Flowers, Odd Lots, &amp; Street Vendors <br> <a xxxx="2">213</a> &nbsp; Store Windows<br> <a xxxx="2">214</a> &nbsp; Restaurants &amp; Shows <br> <a xxxx="2">215</a> &nbsp; Warning Signs &amp; Political Ads<br> <a xxxx="2">216</a> &nbsp; Traffic Signs, Street Names, &amp; House Numbers <br> <a xxxx="2">217</a> &nbsp; Signs and Maps in Chapultepec Park,<br> <a xxxx="2">218</a> &nbsp; Scenes in Chapultepec Park<br> <a xxxx="2">219</a> &nbsp; Children<br> <a xxxx="2">220</a> &nbsp; Adults<br> <a xxxx="2">221</a> &nbsp; Symbols of Mexico<br> <a xxxx="2">222</a> &nbsp; Places &amp; Details<br> <a xxxx="2">223</a> &nbsp; Museums &amp; Folk Art<br> <a xxxx="2">224</a> &nbsp; Day of the Dead: Celebration in the Graveyard<br> <a xxxx="2">225</a> &nbsp; Day of the Dead: Ofrendas &amp; Pan de Muertos <br> <a xxxx="2">226</a> &nbsp; Day of the Dead: Sugar Skulls <br> <a xxxx="2">227</a> &nbsp; Day of the Dead: Toys &amp; Calaveras <br> <a xxxx="2">228</a> &nbsp; Fiestas &amp; Other Odds &amp; Ends<br> <div class="lead6">&nbsp;</div> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="25%" bgcolor="#336699" valign="top"> <div class="lead6">&nbsp;</h2> <a name="subject"></a> <h2>BY SHOT</div> </td> <td> <div class="lead6">&nbsp;</div> <a xxxx="2">201-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TEOTIHUAC&#193;N, Moon Pyramid<br> <a xxxx="2">201-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TEOTIHUAC&#193;N, Pyramid of the Moon<br> <a xxxx="2">201-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TEOTIHUAC&#193;N, Pyramid of the Sun<br> <a xxxx="2">201-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TEOTIHUAC&#193;N, Pyramid of the Sun<br> <a xxxx="2">201-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TEOTIHUAC&#193;N, Street of the Dead<br> <a xxxx="2">201-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TEOTIHUAC&#193;N, Steps of Moon Pyramid<br> <a xxxx="2">201-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TEOTIHUAC&#193;N, Steps of Moon Pyramid<br> <a xxxx="2">201-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TEOTIHUAC&#193;N, Detail of Temple wall<br> <a xxxx="2">201-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TEOTIHUAC&#193;N, Tlaloc and Quetzalc&#243;atl<br> <a xxxx="2">201-10</a> &nbsp; TEOTIHUAC&#193;N, Quetzalc&#243;atl temple wall<br> <a xxxx="2">201-11</a> &nbsp; TEOTIHUAC&#193;N, Quetzalc&#243;atl temple wall<br> <a xxxx="2">201-12</a> &nbsp; TEOTIHUAC&#193;N, Quetzalc&#243;atl head<br> <a xxxx="2">201-13</a> &nbsp; TEOTIHUAC&#193;N, Quetzalc&#243;atl head<br> <a xxxx="2">201-14</a> &nbsp; TEOTIHUAC&#193;N, Quetzalc&#243;atl head<br> <a xxxx="2">201-15</a> &nbsp; TEOTIHUAC&#193;N, Archaeologists digging<br> <a xxxx="2">201-16</a> &nbsp; TEOTIHUAC&#193;N, Archaeologists digging<br> <a xxxx="2">201-17</a> &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Stone skull, Mixquic<br> <a xxxx="2">201-18</a> &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Stone skull, Xochimilco<br> <a xxxx="2">201-19</a> &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Aztec-inspired design <br><br> <a xxxx="2">202-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Pyramid in a subway<br> <a xxxx="2">202-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Anthropology Museum<br> <a xxxx="2">202-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Entrance to museum<br> <a xxxx="2">202-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Museum courtyard<br> <a xxxx="2">202-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Fountain in courtyard<br> <a xxxx="2">202-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Rain God Tlaloc<br> <a xxxx="2">202-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Rain God Tlaloc<br> <a xxxx="2">202-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Dancers climbing pole<br> <a xxxx="2">202-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Dancing on top of pole<br> <a xxxx="2">202-10</a> &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Dancing on top of pole<br> <a xxxx="2">202-11</a> &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Dancers start &#147;flying&#148; from pole<br> <a xxxx="2">202-12</a> &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Dancers flying<br> <a xxxx="2">202-13</a> &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Dancers flying, long shot<br> <a xxxx="2">202-14</a> &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, One man flying<br> <a xxxx="2">202-15</a> &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Two men flying<br> <a xxxx="2">202-16</a> &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Men flying<br> <a xxxx="2">202-17</a> &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Men landing<br> <a xxxx="2">202-18</a> &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Flier after landing<br> <a xxxx="2">202-19</a> &nbsp; MEXICO PAST, Close-up of flier<br> <br> <a xxxx="2">203 &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;NOT AVAILABLE<br> <br> <a xxxx="2">204-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; Z&#211;CALO, Z&#243;calo of Mexico City<br> <a xxxx="2">204-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; Z&#211;CALO, National Palace, Z&#243;calo<br> <a xxxx="2">204-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; Z&#211;CALO, National Palace, Z&#243;calo<br> <a xxxx="2">204-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; Z&#211;CALO, National Palace & flag<br> <a xxxx="2">204-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; Z&#211;CALO, Cathedral, Z&#243;calo <br> <a xxxx="2">204-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; Z&#211;CALO, Cathedral, Z&#243;calo <br> <a xxxx="2">204-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; Z&#211;CALO, Cathedral & ruins, Z&#243;calo<br> <a xxxx="2">204-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; Z&#211;CALO, Cathedral interior<br> <a xxxx="2">204-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TRES CULTURAS, Aztec ruins <br> <a xxxx="2">204-10</a> &nbsp; TRES CULTURAS, Colonial church<br> <a xxxx="2">204-11</a> &nbsp; TRES CULTURAS, Ruins and new <br> <a xxxx="2">204-12</a> &nbsp; UNIVERSITIES, U. Mexico City Library<br> <a xxxx="2">204-13</a> &nbsp; UNIVERSITIES, University of Mexico City<br> <a xxxx="2">204-14</a> &nbsp; UNIVERSITIES, Mural, University MC<br> <a xxxx="2">204-15</a> &nbsp; UNIVERSITIES, School of Medicine, UMC<br> <a xxxx="2">204-16</a> &nbsp; UNIVERSITIES, Humanities Building, UMC<br> <a xxxx="2">204-17</a> &nbsp; UNIVERSITIES, Guanajuato University<br> <a xxxx="2">204-18</a> &nbsp; UNIVERSITIES, Guanajuato University<br> <a xxxx="2">204-19</a> &nbsp; UNIVERSITIES, Guanajuato university <br><br> <a xxxx="2">205-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; RELIGION, Church silhouette<br> <a xxxx="2">205-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; RELIGION, Church at Mixquic<br> <a xxxx="2">205-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; RELIGION, Church at Mixquic<br> <a xxxx="2">205-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; RELIGION, Mixquic Church interior<br> <a xxxx="2">205-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; RELIGION, Church in Mexico City<br> <a xxxx="2">205-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; RELIGION, Bas&#237;lica of Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">205-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; RELIGION, La Parr&#243;quia, Dol. Hidalgo<br> <a xxxx="2">205-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; RELIGION, La Parr&#243;quia, Dol. Hidalgo<br> <a xxxx="2">205-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; RELIGION, Church of Ocumicho<br> <a xxxx="2">205-10</a> &nbsp; RELIGION, Old Guadalupe Basilica<br> <a xxxx="2">205-11</a> &nbsp; RELIGION, New Guadalupe Basilica<br> <a xxxx="2">205-12</a> &nbsp; RELIGION, New Guadalupe Basilica<br> <a xxxx="2">205-13</a> &nbsp; RELIGION, San Miguel de Allende<br> <a xxxx="2">205-14</a> &nbsp; RELIGION, First Communion, Tepoztl&#225;n<br> <a xxxx="2">205-15</a> &nbsp; RELIGION, Procession, Tepoztl&#225;n<br> <a xxxx="2">205-16</a> &nbsp; RELIGION, Procession, Tepoztl&#225;n<br> <a xxxx="2">205-17</a> &nbsp; RELIGION, Procession, Tepoztl&#225;n<br> <a xxxx="2">205-18</a> &nbsp; RELIGION, Procession, Tepoztl&#225;n<br> <a xxxx="2">205-19</a> &nbsp; RELIGION, Procession, Guanajuato <br><br> <a xxxx="2">206-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Plaza, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">206-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Plaza, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">206-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Plaza, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">206-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Building, San Miguel<br> <a xxxx="2">206-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Villa, San Miguel<br> <a xxxx="2">206-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Villa, San Miguel<br> <a xxxx="2">206-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Church garden,<br> <a xxxx="2">206-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Church garden,<br> <a xxxx="2">206-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Park, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">206-10</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Whitewashed trees<br> <a xxxx="2">206-11</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Stone washbasins<br> <a xxxx="2">206-12</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Underground street<br> <a xxxx="2">206-13</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, &#147;Speak to your kids&#148; sign<br> <a xxxx="2">206-14</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Primary school<br> <a xxxx="2">206-15</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Kindergarten<br> <a xxxx="2">206-16</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Secondary school<br> <a xxxx="2">206-17</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, View of Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">206-18</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, View of Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">206-19</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Home satellite antenna <br><br> <a xxxx="2">207-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Narrow street<br> <a xxxx="2">207-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Colorful building<br> <a xxxx="2">207-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Callej&#243;n del Beso<br> <a xxxx="2">207-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Street and store<br> <a xxxx="2">207-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Colorful buildings<br> <a xxxx="2">207-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Cobbled street<br> <a xxxx="2">207-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Colorful buildings<br> <a xxxx="2">207-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Colorful buildings<br> <a xxxx="2">207-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Narrow alley<br> <a xxxx="2">207-10</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Colorful buildings<br> <a xxxx="2">207-11</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Street with stairs<br> <a xxxx="2">207-12</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Colorful buildings<br> <a xxxx="2">207-13</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Post Office<br> <a xxxx="2">207-14</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Hillside street<br> <a xxxx="2">207-15</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Colorful buildings<br> <a xxxx="2">207-16</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Colorful buildings<br> <a xxxx="2">207-17</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Hillside street<br> <a xxxx="2">207-18</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Shaped wall<br> <a xxxx="2">207-19</a> &nbsp; SMALL TOWNS, Narrow street <br><br> <a xxxx="2">208-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; PATIO, Large home, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">208-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; PATIO, Large home, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">208-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; PATIO, Monastery, Mexico City<br> <a xxxx="2">208-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; PATIO, Monastery, Mexico City<br> <a xxxx="2">208-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; PATIO, La Alh&#243;ndiga, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">208-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; PATIO, La Alh&#243;ndiga, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">208-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; PATIO, Tall patio, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">208-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; PATIO, Tall patio, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">208-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; PATIO, Padre Hidalgo&#146; s home<br> <a xxxx="2">208-10</a> &nbsp; HOUSE, Inside Hidalgo&#146; s home<br> <a xxxx="2">208-11</a> &nbsp; HOUSE, Church window, Tepoztl&#225;n<br> <a xxxx="2">208-12</a> &nbsp; HOUSE, Staircase, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">208-13</a> &nbsp; HOUSE, Hotel patio, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">208-14</a> &nbsp; HOUSE, Hotel patio, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">208-15</a> &nbsp; HOUSE, Doorway, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">208-16</a> &nbsp; HOUSE, Garden, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">208-17</a> &nbsp; HOUSE, Bedroom, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">208-18</a> &nbsp; HOUSE, Old water purifier<br> <a xxxx="2">208-19</a> &nbsp; HOUSE, Old water purifier <br><br> <a xxxx="2">209-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MAIL, Mail slot in door<br> <a xxxx="2">209-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MAIL, Main Post Office<br> <a xxxx="2">209-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MAIL, Inside Main Post Office<br> <a xxxx="2">209-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MAIL, Guanajuato Post Office<br> <a xxxx="2">209-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MAIL, Guanajuato Post Office<br> <a xxxx="2">209-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TELEPHONE, Waiting for telephone<br> <a xxxx="2">209-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TELEPHONE, Public telephone, Mexico<br> <a xxxx="2">209-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MEXICO CITY, Banobras Bldg (Bank HQ)<br> <a xxxx="2">209-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MEXICO CITY, Latin America Tower<br> <a xxxx="2">209-10</a> &nbsp; MEXICO CITY, Latin America Tower<br> <a xxxx="2">209-11</a> &nbsp; MEXICO CITY, House of Tiles<br> <a xxxx="2">209-12</a> &nbsp; MEXICO CITY, House of Tiles (detail)<br> <a xxxx="2">209-13</a> &nbsp; MEXICO CITY, House of Tiles (detail)<br> <a xxxx="2">209-14</a> &nbsp; MEXICO CITY, Interior walkway<br> <a xxxx="2">209-15</a> &nbsp; MEXICO CITY, PRI Party HQ<br> <a xxxx="2">209-16</a> &nbsp; MEXICO CITY, Railroad Station<br> <a xxxx="2">209-17</a> &nbsp; MEXICO CITY, Old Train, at RR Station<br> <a xxxx="2">209-18</a> &nbsp; MEXICO CITY, Traffic<br> <a xxxx="2">209-19</a> &nbsp; MEXICO CITY, Parking solution <br><br> <a xxxx="2">210-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SUBWAY, People enter train<br> <a xxxx="2">210-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SUBWAY, Train in subway station<br> <a xxxx="2">210-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SUBWAY, Getting on subway train<br> <a xxxx="2">210-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SUBWAY, Inside subway train<br> <a xxxx="2">210-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SUBWAY, Subway station murals<br> <a xxxx="2">210-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SUBWAY, Subway station sign<br> <a xxxx="2">210-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SUBWAY, List of subway stations<br> <a xxxx="2">210-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SUBWAY, Station name<br> <a xxxx="2">210-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; BUSES, Buying bus tickets<br> <a xxxx="2">210-10</a> &nbsp; BUSES, Bus station lobby<br> <a xxxx="2">210-11</a> &nbsp; BUSES, Bus station entrance<br> <a xxxx="2">210-12</a> &nbsp; BUSES, Arrival area<br> <a xxxx="2">210-13</a> &nbsp; BUSES, Lobby of bus station<br> <a xxxx="2">210-14</a> &nbsp; BUSES, List of tourist bus trips<br> <a xxxx="2">210-15</a> &nbsp; BUSES, Repairing bus<br> <a xxxx="2">210-16</a> &nbsp; BUSES, Bus to Xochimilco<br> <a xxxx="2">210-17</a> &nbsp; BUSES, Express buses<br> <a xxxx="2">210-18</a> &nbsp; BUSES, Information kiosk, RR station<br> <a xxxx="2">210-19</a> &nbsp; AIRPORT, Mexico City Airport <br><br> <a xxxx="2">211-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Indoor market, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">211-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Market interior<br> <a xxxx="2">211-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Market interior<br> <a xxxx="2">211-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Market interior<br> <a xxxx="2">211-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Market entrance<br> <a xxxx="2">211-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Pineapples<br> <a xxxx="2">211-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Fruits<br> <a xxxx="2">211-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Selling food, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">211-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Selling food, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">211-10</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Street vendors, Mixquic<br> <a xxxx="2">211-11</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Carved fruits, Mexico City<br> <a xxxx="2">211-12</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Carving fruit, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">211-13</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Cotton candy, popcorn<br> <a xxxx="2">211-14</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Cotton candy at night<br> <a xxxx="2">211-15</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Pi&#241;ata store<br> <a xxxx="2">211-16</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Pi&#241;ata store<br> <a xxxx="2">211-17</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Assorted pi&#241; atas<br> <a xxxx="2">211-18</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Goat pi&#241;ata<br> <a xxxx="2">211-19</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Spiderman pi&#241;ata <br><br> <a xxxx="2">212-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Flower market, Mexico City<br> <a xxxx="2">212-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Flower market, Xochimilco<br> <a xxxx="2">212-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Flower market, Xochimilco<br> <a xxxx="2">212-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Flower market, Xochimilco<br> <a xxxx="2">212-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Shoes, Mexico City<br> <a xxxx="2">212-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Watches, Mexico City<br> <a xxxx="2">212-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Tourist stuff, Tepoztl&#225;n<br> <a xxxx="2">212-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Tourist stuff, P&#225;tzcuaro<br> <a xxxx="2">212-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MARKETS, Sewn folk art of Puebla<br> <a xxxx="2">212-10</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Hats in street, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">212-11</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Selling from hood of car<br> <a xxxx="2">212-12</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Street vendor<br> <a xxxx="2">212-13</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Wooden utensils<br> <a xxxx="2">212-14</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Plastic fruits & vegetables<br> <a xxxx="2">212-15</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Stand, Chapultepec<br> <a xxxx="2">212-16</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Sunglasses and toys<br> <a xxxx="2">212-17</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Buckets, Mexico City<br> <a xxxx="2">212-18</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Bucket store<br> <a xxxx="2">212-19</a> &nbsp; MARKETS, Bucket store <br><br> <a xxxx="2">213-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; STORES, Video Club<br> <a xxxx="2">213-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; STORES, Gift store, La Escondida<br> <a xxxx="2">213-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; STORES, Gift shop, Regalos Jard&#237;n<br> <a xxxx="2">213-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; STORES, Beauty Salon<br> <a xxxx="2">213-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; STORES, Bakery (cakes)<br> <a xxxx="2">213-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; STORES, Bakery (bread)<br> <a xxxx="2">213-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; STORES, &#147;Don Quijote&#148; book store<br> <a xxxx="2">213-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; STORES, &#147;Cicer&#243;n&#148; book store<br> <a xxxx="2">213-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; STORES, Shoe store, Mexico City<br> <a xxxx="2">213-10</a> &nbsp; STORES, Shoe store, Mexico City<br> <a xxxx="2">213-11</a> &nbsp; STORES, Shoe store, Tepoztl&#225;n<br> <a xxxx="2">213-12</a> &nbsp; STORES, Hat store, Mexico City<br> <a xxxx="2">213-13</a> &nbsp; STORES, Bridal dresses, Mexico City<br> <a xxxx="2">213-14</a> &nbsp; STORES, General store, Tepoztl&#225;n<br> <a xxxx="2">213-15</a> &nbsp; STORES, Glasses & contacts<br> <a xxxx="2">213-16</a> &nbsp; STORES, Birthday cards and such<br> <a xxxx="2">213-17</a> &nbsp; STORES, Checkout, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">213-18</a> &nbsp; SIGN, Office Hours, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">213-19</a> &nbsp; SIGN, Mexican credit cards <br><br> <a xxxx="2">214-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; RESTAURANTS, Snob Tea Salon,<br> <a xxxx="2">214-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; RESTAURANTS, Singing Chicken<br> <a xxxx="2">214-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; RESTAURANTS, Bonfire fast food<br> <a xxxx="2">214-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; RESTAURANTS, Ice cream store<br> <a xxxx="2">214-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; RESTAURANTS, Restaurant menu sign<br> <a xxxx="2">214-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; RESTAURANTS, Restaurant menu sign<br> <a xxxx="2">214-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; FOOD SIGN, Prices of drinks<br> <a xxxx="2">214-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; FOOD SIGN, Stand selling juice drinks<br> <a xxxx="2">214-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; FOOD SIGN, Sprite and Sonric&#146;s signs<br> <a xxxx="2">214-10</a> &nbsp; FOOD SIGN, Sonric&#146;s food sign<br> <a xxxx="2">214-11</a> &nbsp; FOOD SIGN, Livestock feed ad<br> <a xxxx="2">214-12</a> &nbsp; SHOWS, Puppet show sign<br> <a xxxx="2">214-13</a> &nbsp; SHOWS, At puppet theater<br> <a xxxx="2">214-14</a> &nbsp; SHOWS, Movie theater<br> <a xxxx="2">214-15</a> &nbsp; SHOWS, Circus tent in city<br> <a xxxx="2">214-16</a> &nbsp; SHOWS, Circus schedule<br> <a xxxx="2">214-17</a> &nbsp; SHOWS, Theater, Lenguas muertas<br> <a xxxx="2">214-18</a> &nbsp; SHOWS, Teatro Ju&#225;rez, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">214-19</a> &nbsp; SHOWS, Teatro de la Ciudad, MC <br><br> <a xxxx="2">215-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; WARNINGS, &#147;Don&#146;t walk on grass&#148;<br> <a xxxx="2">215-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; WARNINGS, &#147;Don&#146;t hurt the flowers&#148;<br> <a xxxx="2">215-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; WARNINGS, &#147;Keep out&#148;<br> <a xxxx="2">215-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; WARNINGS, &#147;Don&#146;t drink the water&#148;<br> <a xxxx="2">215-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; WARNINGS, Religious sign on door<br> <a xxxx="2">215-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TILES, Sayings on tiles<br> <a xxxx="2">215-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SIGN: SHOP, Photocopies sign<br> <a xxxx="2">215-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SIGN: SHOP, Keymaker&#146; s sign<br> <a xxxx="2">215-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SIGN, Trashcan &#147;Basura&#148;<br> <a xxxx="2">215-10</a> &nbsp; SIGN, Conservation Sign<br> <a xxxx="2">215-11</a> &nbsp; SIGN, &#147;Exercise is Health&#148;<br> <a xxxx="2">215-12</a> &nbsp; SIGN, Exercise sign and jogger<br> <a xxxx="2">215-13</a> &nbsp; SIGN, Plug for Mexican products<br> <a xxxx="2">215-14</a> &nbsp; SIGN, &#147;Use the public libraries&#148;<br> <a xxxx="2">215-15</a> &nbsp; POLITICAL, C&#225;rdenas campaign truck<br> <a xxxx="2">215-16</a> &nbsp; POLITICAL, Salinas campaign ad<br> <a xxxx="2">215-17</a> &nbsp; POLITICAL, &#147;Vote for the PRI&#148;<br> <a xxxx="2">215-18</a> &nbsp; POLITICAL, &#147;Reject election fraud&#148; PAN<br> <a xxxx="2">215-19</a> &nbsp; POLITICAL SIGN, Anti-government graffito <br><br> <a xxxx="2">216-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TRAFFIC SIGN, Speed sign with kids<br> <a xxxx="2">216-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TRAFFIC SIGN, Kids crossing sign<br> <a xxxx="2">216-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TRAFFIC SIGN, Bus stop sign<br> <a xxxx="2">216-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TRAFFIC SIGN, Directions, Chapultepec<br> <a xxxx="2">216-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TRAFFIC SIGN, Parking for taxis only <br> <a xxxx="2">216-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TRAFFIC SIGN, Directions, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">216-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TRAFFIC SIGN, No stopping sign<br> <a xxxx="2">216-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TRAFFIC SIGN, Highway toll sign<br> <a xxxx="2">216-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; TRAFFIC SIGN, Highway signs<br> <a xxxx="2">216-10</a> &nbsp; AUTO LICENSE, State of Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">216-11</a> &nbsp; STREET SIGN, R&#237;o Mississippi St.<br> <a xxxx="2">216-12</a> &nbsp; STREET SIGN, R&#237;o Hudson St.<br> <a xxxx="2">216-13</a> &nbsp; STREET SIGN, R&#237;o Niagara St.<br> <a xxxx="2">216-14</a> &nbsp; STREET SIGN, R&#237;o Po St. / One Way<br> <a xxxx="2">216-15</a> &nbsp; STREET SIGN, Garc&#237;a Lorca St./Av. JSarez<br> <a xxxx="2">216-16</a> &nbsp; HOUSE SIGN, Hospicio 37<br> <a xxxx="2">216-17</a> &nbsp; HOUSE SIGN, 23 Salto del Mono<br> <a xxxx="2">216-18</a> &nbsp; HOUSE SIGN, La casa de los Rocha<br> <a xxxx="2">216-19</a> &nbsp; HOUSE SIGN, Number 5 <br><br> <a xxxx="2">217-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SIGN: MAP, Map of Chapultepec Park<br> <a xxxx="2">217-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SIGN: MAP, Map of Chapultepec Park<br> <a xxxx="2">217-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SIGN: MAP, Map of a zone of park<br> <a xxxx="2">217-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SIGN: MAP, Map of Chapultepec Zoo<br> <a xxxx="2">217-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SIGN, Zoo signs<br> <a xxxx="2">217-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SIGN, Park direction signs<br> <a xxxx="2">217-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SIGN, Chapultepec hours<br> <a xxxx="2">217-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SIGN, Amusement park sign<br> <a xxxx="2">217-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SIGN, Jogger distance sign<br> <a xxxx="2">217-10</a> &nbsp; SIGN, List of museums<br> <a xxxx="2">217-11</a> &nbsp; SIGN, Modern Museum shows<br> <a xxxx="2">217-12</a> &nbsp; SIGN, Modern Museum shows<br> <a xxxx="2">217-13</a> &nbsp; SIGN, Natural History Museum<br> <a xxxx="2">217-14</a> &nbsp; RECYCLING, Recycling trashcans<br> <a xxxx="2">217-15</a> &nbsp; RECYCLING, &#147;Organic Trash&#148;<br> <a xxxx="2">217-16</a> &nbsp; RECYCLING, &#147;Inorganic Trash&#148;<br> <a xxxx="2">217-17</a> &nbsp; CONSERVATION, Chapultepec Needs You<br> <a xxxx="2">217-18</a> &nbsp; CONSERVATION, Reforestation sign<br> <a xxxx="2">217-19</a> &nbsp; CONSERVATION, Protect the Park signs <br><br> <a xxxx="2">218-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, Entrance to park; castle<br> <a xxxx="2">218-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, Castle and jogger<br> <a xxxx="2">218-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, Jogger<br> <a xxxx="2">218-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, Jogger<br> <a xxxx="2">218-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, People strolling<br> <a xxxx="2">218-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, People strolling<br> <a xxxx="2">218-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, Cyclist<br> <a xxxx="2">218-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, Cyclists<br> <a xxxx="2">218-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, Boats at lake<br> <a xxxx="2">218-10</a> &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, Chapultepec lake<br> <a xxxx="2">218-11</a> &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, People on the grass<br> <a xxxx="2">218-12</a> &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, Clearing in the park<br> <a xxxx="2">218-13</a> &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, New Chapultepec Lake<br> <a xxxx="2">218-14</a> &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, Entrance to Zoo<br> <a xxxx="2">218-15</a> &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, Kids by flamingos<br> <a xxxx="2">218-16</a> &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, Hippo at zoo<br> <a xxxx="2">218-17</a> &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, Hemicages at zoo<br> <a xxxx="2">218-18</a> &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, Hemicage<br> <a xxxx="2">218-19</a> &nbsp; CHAPULTEPEC, Tigers in hemicage <br><br> <a xxxx="2">219-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHILDREN, Boy in market<br> <a xxxx="2">219-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHILDREN, Tarascan Indian girl<br> <a xxxx="2">219-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHILDREN, Girl in front of house<br> <a xxxx="2">219-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHILDREN, Girl in store, Tepoztl&#225;n<br> <a xxxx="2">219-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHILDREN, Looking in fountain<br> <a xxxx="2">219-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHILDREN, Girl in crowd<br> <a xxxx="2">219-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHILDREN, Feeding birds<br> <a xxxx="2">219-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHILDREN, Children playing game<br> <a xxxx="2">219-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CHILDREN, Bunny costume<br> <a xxxx="2">219-10</a> &nbsp; CHILDREN, Kid in raccoon costume<br> <a xxxx="2">219-11</a> &nbsp; CHILDREN, Costumed kid sitting<br> <a xxxx="2">219-12</a> &nbsp; CHILDREN, American Halloween<br> <a xxxx="2">219-13</a> &nbsp; CHILDREN, Kids, Mexico City<br> <a xxxx="2">219-14</a> &nbsp; CHILDREN, By green wall, Tepoztl&#225;n<br> <a xxxx="2">219-15</a> &nbsp; CHILDREN, Playing by fountain, MC<br> <a xxxx="2">219-16</a> &nbsp; CHILDREN, Playground, Chapultepec<br> <a xxxx="2">219-17</a> &nbsp; CHILDREN, Game, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">219-18</a> &nbsp; CHILDREN, School kids in line, MC<br> <a xxxx="2">219-19</a> &nbsp; CHILDREN, Swimming, Guanajuato <br><br> <a xxxx="2">220-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; WORKING, Preparing clay for pots<br> <a xxxx="2">220-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; WORKING, Turning pottery<br> <a xxxx="2">220-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; WORKING, Painting pottery<br> <a xxxx="2">220-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; WORKING, Sanding furniture<br> <a xxxx="2">220-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; WORKING, Painting lamppost<br> <a xxxx="2">220-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; WORKING, Painting street lines<br> <a xxxx="2">220-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; WORKING, Washing car<br> <a xxxx="2">220-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; WORKING, Walking under arcades<br> <a xxxx="2">220-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; WORKING, Carrying bundle on head<br> <a xxxx="2">220-10</a> &nbsp; WORKING, Booksellers&#146; stands<br> <a xxxx="2">220-11</a> &nbsp; PEOPLE, Old woman: Tepoztl&#225;n<br> <a xxxx="2">220-12</a> &nbsp; PEOPLE, Checking lottery numbers<br> <a xxxx="2">220-13</a> &nbsp; PEOPLE, Joggers<br> <a xxxx="2">220-14</a> &nbsp; PERFORMING, Street clown makes up<br> <a xxxx="2">220-15</a> &nbsp; PERFORMING, Street clown performs<br> <a xxxx="2">220-16</a> &nbsp; PERFORMING, Street clown performs<br> <a xxxx="2">220-17</a> &nbsp; FIREMAN, Mexico City Fireman<br> <a xxxx="2">220-18</a> &nbsp; FIREMAN, Firetruck insignia<br> <a xxxx="2">220-19</a> &nbsp; FIREMAN, Firetrucks lined up <br><br> <a xxxx="2">221-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Eagle on bench<br> <a xxxx="2">221-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Eagle on bench<br> <a xxxx="2">221-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Eagle, public area<br> <a xxxx="2">221-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Eagle on wall<br> <a xxxx="2">221-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Eagle sculpture, MC<br> <a xxxx="2">221-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Eagle sculpture, MC<br> <a xxxx="2">221-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Eagle on coin, 1894<br> <a xxxx="2">221-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Eagle on coin, 1978<br> <a xxxx="2">221-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Benito Ju&#225;rez Monument<br> <a xxxx="2">221-10</a> &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Ju&#225;rez bust, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">221-11</a> &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Ju&#225;rez bust, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">221-12</a> &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Ju&#225;rez mural, PRI building<br> <a xxxx="2">221-13</a> &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Tenochtitl&#225;n model<br> <a xxxx="2">221-14</a> &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Tenochtitl&#225;n model<br> <a xxxx="2">221-15</a> &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Mexico City shield<br> <a xxxx="2">221-16</a> &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Mexico City shield<br> <a xxxx="2">221-17</a> &nbsp; SYMBOLS, P&#237;pila monument, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">221-18</a> &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Orozco mural, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">221-19</a> &nbsp; SYMBOLS, Orozco mural, Guanajuato <br><br> <a xxxx="2">222-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; PLACES, Village near Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">222-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; PLACES, Lake P&#225;tzcuaro<br> <a xxxx="2">222-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; PLACES, Lake Chapala, Jalisco<br> <a xxxx="2">222-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; PLACES, Lake Chapala, Jalisco<br> <a xxxx="2">222-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DETAILS, Flowers, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">222-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DETAILS, Plant, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">222-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DETAILS, Old loom, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">222-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DETAILS, Ceramic fountain<br> <a xxxx="2">222-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DETAILS, Door knocker (face 1)<br> <a xxxx="2">222-10</a> &nbsp; DETAILS, Door knocker (face 2)<br> <a xxxx="2">222-11</a> &nbsp; DETAILS, Door knocker (face 3)<br> <a xxxx="2">222-12</a> &nbsp; DETAILS, Wooden door (face 3)<br> <a xxxx="2">222-13</a> &nbsp; DETAILS, Wooden door<br> <a xxxx="2">222-14</a> &nbsp; DETAILS, Wooden door (detail)<br> <a xxxx="2">222-15</a> &nbsp; DETAILS, Stonework<br> <a xxxx="2">222-16</a> &nbsp; DETAILS, Closed shop, P&#225;tzcuaro<br> <a xxxx="2">222-17</a> &nbsp; DETAILS, Decorative bricks<br> <a xxxx="2">222-18</a> &nbsp; DETAILS, Hexagonal bricks<br> <a xxxx="2">222-19</a> &nbsp; DETAILS, Hollow-brick design <br><br> <a xxxx="2">223-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MUSEUM, Museum of Fine Arts<br> <a xxxx="2">223-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MUSEUM, Museum of Modern Art<br> <a xxxx="2">223-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MUSEUM, Museum of Modern Art<br> <a xxxx="2">223-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MUSEUM, Tamayo Museum<br> <a xxxx="2">223-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MUSEUM, Tamayo Museum<br> <a xxxx="2">223-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MUSEUM, Tamayo Museum<br> <a xxxx="2">223-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MEXICO, Ex-voto paintings<br> <a xxxx="2">223-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MEXICO, Ex-voto paintings<br> <a xxxx="2">223-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; MURAL, Diego Rivera mural<br> <a xxxx="2">223-10</a> &nbsp; MURAL, Diego Rivera mural, detail<br> <a xxxx="2">223-11</a> &nbsp; MURAL, Diego Rivera mural, detail<br> <a xxxx="2">223-12</a> &nbsp; MUSEUM, Diego Rivera painting<br> <a xxxx="2">223-13</a> &nbsp; FOLK ART, Ceramic mermaid<br> <a xxxx="2">223-14</a> &nbsp; FOLK ART, Bark painting<br> <a xxxx="2">223-15</a> &nbsp; FOLK ART, Tree of Life<br> <a xxxx="2">223-16</a> &nbsp; FOLK ART, Sewn art from Puebla<br> <a xxxx="2">223-17</a> &nbsp; FOLK ART, Sewn art from Puebla<br> <a xxxx="2">223-18</a> &nbsp; FOLK ART, Sewn art from Puebla<br> <a xxxx="2">223-19</a> &nbsp; FOLK ART, Sewn art from Puebla <br><br> <a xxxx="2">224-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Church at Mixquic<br> <a xxxx="2">224-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF the DEAD, Woman cleaning grave<br> <a xxxx="2">224-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Cleaning graves<br> <a xxxx="2">224-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Painting grave marker<br> <a xxxx="2">224-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Cleaning grave<br> <a xxxx="2">224-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Flowers in cemetery<br> <a xxxx="2">224-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Decorating grave<br> <a xxxx="2">224-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Kid wandering off<br> <a xxxx="2">224-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Man sitting on grave<br> <a xxxx="2">224-10</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Boy on grave<br> <a xxxx="2">224-11</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Marigold cross<br> <a xxxx="2">224-12</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Marigold cross<br> <a xxxx="2">224-13</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Wooden grave marker<br> <a xxxx="2">224-14</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Candle by day<br> <a xxxx="2">224-15</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Candle by night<br> <a xxxx="2">224-16</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Two candles<br> <a xxxx="2">224-17</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Lighting candles<br> <a xxxx="2">224-18</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Graveyard vigil<br> <a xxxx="2">228-19</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Women with candles <br><br> <a xxxx="2">225-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Day of the Dead altar<br> <a xxxx="2">225-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Altar in a home<br> <a xxxx="2">225-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Altar with offerings<br> <a xxxx="2">225-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Offerings (overhead)<br> <a xxxx="2">225-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Skeleton on roof<br> <a xxxx="2">225-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Procession with coffin<br> <a xxxx="2">225-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Procession with coffin<br> <a xxxx="2">225-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Public altar<br> <a xxxx="2">225-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Woman selling bread<br> <a xxxx="2">225-10</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Purple bread<br> <a xxxx="2">225-11</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Bakery window ad<br> <a xxxx="2">225-12</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Window skeleton<br> <a xxxx="2">225-13</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Window round loaf<br> <a xxxx="2">225-14</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Round loaves<br> <a xxxx="2">225-15</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Loaves with writing<br> <a xxxx="2">225-16</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Purple people bread<br> <a xxxx="2">225-17</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, People-shaped bread<br> <a xxxx="2">225-18</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Bread with heads<br> <a xxxx="2">225-19</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Bread with heads <br><br> <a xxxx="2">226-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, La Merced market,<br> <a xxxx="2">226-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Skulls and sweets<br> <a xxxx="2">226-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Pyramid of skulls<br> <a xxxx="2">226-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Large skulls<br> <a xxxx="2">226-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Skull with sombrero<br> <a xxxx="2">226-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Skulls with miters<br> <a xxxx="2">226-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Small and colored<br> <a xxxx="2">226-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Squiggly decorations<br> <a xxxx="2">226-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Pumpkins &cowboys<br> <a xxxx="2">226-10</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Pink skulls<br> <a xxxx="2">226-11</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, &#147;Aztec&#148; skulls<br> <a xxxx="2">226-12</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Skulls, paper names<br> <a xxxx="2">226-13</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Chocolate and gold<br> <a xxxx="2">226-14</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Chocolate skulls<br> <a xxxx="2">226-15</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Skull lollipops<br> <a xxxx="2">226-16</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Marzipan fruit shapes<br> <a xxxx="2">226-17</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Sheep made of sugar<br> <a xxxx="2">226-18</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Bakery window<br> <a xxxx="2">226-19</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Window with skull <br><br> <a xxxx="2">227-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Entrance to market<br> <a xxxx="2">227-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Skeleton and pi&#241;ata<br> <a xxxx="2">227-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Hand-cranked toy<br> <a xxxx="2">227-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Dangling skeletons<br> <a xxxx="2">227-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Paper skeletons<br> <a xxxx="2">227-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Skull pins, mixed lot<br> <a xxxx="2">227-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Skull pins, wigged<br> <a xxxx="2">227-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Plastic skeletons<br> <a xxxx="2">227-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Toy altar <br> <a xxxx="2">227-10</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Pop-up coffin toys<br> <a xxxx="2">227-11</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Toy graves <br> <a xxxx="2">227-12</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Toy grave<br> <a xxxx="2">227-13</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Plaster guitarist<br> <a xxxx="2">227-14</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Skeleton band<br> <a xxxx="2">227-15</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Decorated skull<br> <a xxxx="2">227-16</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Devil skull<br> <a xxxx="2">227-17</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Posada calavera<br> <a xxxx="2">227-18</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Homemade calavera<br> <a xxxx="2">227-19</a> &nbsp; DAY OF THE DEAD, Political calavera <br><br> <a xxxx="2">228-1</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; FIESTA, Tepoztl&#225;n celebration<br> <a xxxx="2">228-2</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; FIESTA, Tepoztl&#225;n celebration<br> <a xxxx="2">228-3</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; FIESTA, Dancers, Tepoztl&#225;n<br> <a xxxx="2">228-4</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; FIESTA, Dancers, Tepoztl&#225;n<br> <a xxxx="2">228-5</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; FIESTA, Fireworks tower, Tepoztl&#225;n<br> <a xxxx="2">228-6</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; FIESTA, Fireworks, Tepoztl&#225;n<br> <a xxxx="2">228-7</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; FIESTA, Pi&#241;atas<br> <a xxxx="2">228-8</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CACTUS, Nopal<br> <a xxxx="2">228-9</a> &nbsp; &nbsp; CACTUS, Nopal on roof<br> <a xxxx="2">228-10</a> &nbsp; CACTUS, Maguey<br> <a xxxx="2">228-11</a> &nbsp; DON QUIXOTE, Cervantes portrait<br> <a xxxx="2">228-12</a> &nbsp; DON QUIXOTE, Sculpture, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">228-13</a> &nbsp; DON QUIXOTE, Sculpture, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">228-14</a> &nbsp; DON QUIXOTE, Sculpture, Guanajuato<br> <a xxxx="2">228-14</a> &nbsp; DON QUIXOTE, Sculpture, detail <br><br><br> <a class="two" href="#top">RETURN TO TOP</a> </td> </tr> </table> </body> </html>