More than one million words published in trade books, text­books, magazines, news­papers, the Web—and even stranger places.


Spanish Art Now (1966)

The first book in English or Spanish to cover the artists who came of age after the Spanish Civil War.

“An enormously complete directory of who is painting and sculpting what in Spain today.” The Herald Tribune (Paris)

Contemporary Spanish Art (1975)

A more extensive treatment of the post-war move­ments. Because it was originally intended to be an anthology, I did not write the entire book, only about half of it, most of which I signed with pseudonyms.

Recommended by the

Encyclopædia Britannica

The Cambridge Companion to Modern Spanish Culture


Filming The Castle with the Gyrocamera

American Cinematographer (1969)

About the techniques that German cinematographer Wolfgang Treu used when shooting this adaptation of Kafka’s novel. Treu began using a gyroscope more than ten years before the creation of the Steadicam.

¿Has escuchado el último bestseller?

El País, Madrid, Spain (1992)

I recognized the value of books on tape when they first appeared—partly because they seemed to be the ideal way to reduce the drudgery of house cleaning (a theory I never did put to a test). This was written years later, when they were catching on in Spain.

Goldilocks and the Three Choices

E-ITV (Educational and Industrial Television) (1984)

Written to explain videodisc (and other) flowcharting. I used a story everyone knew, the ultimate multiple‑choice fairy tale.

The Photo as Subject

Arts Magazine (1974) and the anthology Super Realism (1975).

One of the first articles about Chuck Close and the Photo Realist movement.

“A perceptive essay,” Gretchen Garner, in Disappearing Witness: Change in Twentieth-Century American Photography

The New Spanish Realists

Art International (1973)

Describes a major realist move­ment of late twentieth-century art.


The Hypertext Guide to Prostate Cancer (1997‑2015)

A patient-oriented overview intended to make it easier to get started learning about this disease. I also designed it and wrote the code.

“The Hypertext Guide begins with an extensive overview, including information on detecting, treating, and living with prostate cancer.” The National Cancer Institute (2002)

Finding Reliable Medical Information (2013‑2015)

Most medical information, even studies in medical journals, is not reliable. This webpage offers suggestions how to find the best information and warnings about the least reliable sources.

Health Insurance in the United States (2009‑2014)

Written to help those with expensive health problems who have no insurance or insufficient insurance. Updated in 2013 and 2014 to help people understand the badly designed and uninformative HealthCare.gov website.

Podpages (2006, 2012)

Information about podcasts, the independent and professional audio programs you can download from the Web and carry with you.


Catalog Essays

Several in Madrid. The Afrocan was written for an exhibition of Martín Chirino’s sculpture at a New York art gallery. (1979)

The Afrocan

Martín Chirino’s website

Computer Manuals

I wrote two in-house manuals. One was for a department of the Development Office of Columbia University, which was switching from typewriters to the IBM 5520 system (1984). The other was for a textbook subcontractor, explained how to use Word­Perfect 5.0, with an emphasis on foreign-language textbooks (1988).

Word and Data Processing: WordPerfect 5.0

Cultural essays

For the Home Viewer’s Guide that accompanied Destinos, a Public Television series intended to teach Spanish with a telenovela. (1992)

The Destinos guide

For the menus of El Internacional, a very unusual and popular restaurant in New York City, essays—mostly humorous—about the history and anthropology of food. (1984‑86)

A few of the essays

El Internacional, Wikipedia


A few vocabulary-building quizzes for New Woman magazine in 1986.

Things That Go Bump in the Night


Several short films

A sample videodisc script to illustrate how they can be used to present one than one version.

Goldilocks and the Two Versions

An interactive videodisc with workbooks to accompany some of Scholastic Inc’s Science Place textbooks. (1993)


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